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The Greg Howard Songbook is available in two versions, Baritone Melody (works for 10-string Baritone Melody or 12-string Classic), and Matched Reciprocal, which works for the 10-string and 12-string Matched Reciprocal tunings.

This video explains the StaffTab fretboard notation system and shows how some of Greg's technique concepts can be learned through exercises in The Stick Book.

To see a sample of the notation from the Songbook, see below

ORDERING THE SONGBOOK (see below to order by check or money order)

Greg Howard Songbook original version (for 10-string Baritone Melody tuning, 12-string Classic tuning or 10-string Extended Alto tuning.
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Greg Howard Songbook Matched Reciprocal version (for 10-string or 12-string Matched Reciprocal tunings.

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To order the Greg Howard Songbook with a CHECK or MONEY ORDER in $US, please send the check or money order payable to "Espresso" to:

P O Box 451
Charlottesville VA 22903

please be sure to specify whether you want the original version or the Matched Reciprocal version. If you're not sure which would be best for your tuning please email Greg for advice.

A video of one of the songs in the Songbook

A sample of one of the tunes in StaffTab notation from the Baritone Melody 10, 12-string Classic version of the book

Find out more about Greg's Stick Lessons by videoconference here:
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If you'd like to know more about the origins and development of Chapman's Free Hands method see:
Stick and Method History.