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Happy Tapping, Greg

Basic Free Hands Technique, Lesson 1 "Basic Hand Movement"

This is the first half hour of my 2011 DVD "Basic Free Hands Technique: Learning the Chapman Stick from the Bottom Up". I made the decision to publish it online instead of making another DVD pressing.

You can find the rest of videos from the DVD, all now available online for free, below.

Lesson 2 Hand Independence, Lesson 3 Bassline Movement
Lesson 4 Melody Movement, Lesson 5 Independence Training, Lesson 6 Inependence Training (part 2)

NEW VIDEO Super Simple I-IV-V

A strategy for quickly finding accompamiment chords in the right hand using consistent fingerings and voice leading...

3-Fingered Bass Pentatonics

The foundation of rock and many other musical genres is the pentatonic scale. This video shows you a simple way to master it.  Works for any inverted 5ths tuning where the lowest note is D or higher.

The Great Unified 3-finger Bass Strategy

A one-hour live-stream Facebook video covering Greg's unique bass approach

DOWNLOAD the PDF that accompanies the session

Walking the Line, single string soloing

This video offers a step-by-step approach to developoing a unique soloing skill in the right hand, similar to that use by oud and sitar players.

Basic Song Arrangement "Time After Time"

A step-by-step lesson covering the basics of arranging an instrumental version of a popular song.

Bass and Chords Independence Exercise

This new exercise shows an evolving bass part in the left hand against back-beat chords in the right hand.

Simple Hand Independence Exercise for Chapman Stick

This is a very simple exercise to help you break down the natural interconnectedness between the two hands so that they can function more independently.

Septi-digi-tation: a Chapman Stick exercise in 7

This is a simple exercise that emphasizes similarity of movement in each hand, even though the instrument has two string groups with different (parallel) tunings.