Greg Howard   Chapman Stick artist   record production
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Since his first cassette releases in 1987 Greg has produced dozens of sessions of his own music and that of other regional artists. He has worked in many different genres, including jazz, rock, folk, classical and contemporary instrumental music.

If you are interested in having Greg produce your project, please email him at:

    "Greg has produced many projects for me. He is meticulous, knowledgeable and approaches everything he does with a fresh mentality so that every project has its own zeitgeist and personality. He has great respect for, and interest in, the creative process of others and he is highly creative, himself. His tenacious sense of commitment, enthusiasm, and humor have made him a joy to work with over the years.
    Probably the most telling thing I can say is that I enjoy listening to everything we've done even after the passage of time."
—John D'earth

Here is a list of titles for which Greg acted as a Producer or co-Producer.

Stick Night Live DVD
Various Artists, 2010
When the Serpent Flies
Thompson-D'earth, 2006
Mercury Thompson-D'earth, 2001 CD
Thursday Night, Live at Miller's John D'earth, 1998 CD
The Street Where You Live
Bob Hallahan and Adam Larabee, 2009

"....enlisted the talents of Greg Howard as engineer and co-producer - for all intents and purposes the third member of the duo, and a fine musician and recording artist in his own right. The result is music that arguably captures the essence of jazz: a balance of structure and surprise, intensity and space, passion and calm."
—Adam Larrabee
Music from the Jefferson Collection 2008 CD
121 Normal Glenn Poorman, 2007 CD
Matthew Willner Matthew Willner, 2007 CD
My Ship Sailed from China
Eve Watters, 1989 Cassette and CD
Quiet Visit Eve Watters, 2003 CD
Somewhere in Time Virginia Schwenninger, 2006 CD
Stream Tim Reynolds, 1993 Cassette/CD
TR3 TR3, 1988 Cassette
original 4-song demo Dave Matthews demo, 1990