Greg Howard - Chapman Stick player, composer, producer, instructor

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Welcome to the home page for Chapman Stick player Greg Howard.
Here you will find information about upcoming concerts, recordings, instructional materials and lessons,
and the amazing American Instrument the Chapman Stick. I'm updating the site right now, so some of the pages still have the old formatting.
My apologies for any cognitive dissonance you may experience.


upcoming performances

Charlottesville, VA, Oct 7, Mon, solo at Miller's - 10pm, no cover
Charlottesville, VA, Oct 12, Sat, Paul Koors Band at The Southern - 8pm
Charlottesville, VA, Nov 4, Mon, solo at Miller's - 10pm, no cover


To book Greg for a concert, or for any other reason, contact him via email at: Contact Greg


To purchase Greg's CDs/books/DVDs/lessons, please visit the:
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