Greg Howard
Chapman Stick Artist


A celebration of the life and
music of Greg Howard.
One of the world's premier
Chapman Stick artists.

Greg's last project was the remix of his 2000 release "Lift" from the Greg Howard Band.

In 2000 I released one of my favorite productions, the Greg Howard Band debut album "Lift". But I rushed the mix and the album never brought to best light the great performances by my bandmates nor the stellar engineering work of Marco Faase. So earlier this year I set out to put out a version that better matched my vision for the music. - Greg Howard

"Finding Home". An original composition recorded in 2015.

I was thinking about how lucky I am to have a safe and pleasant place to live. I wanted to capture that feeling of "home" in a tune and put it out there, as a sort of prayer for all the millions of displaced people struggling to land where they can be at peace. - Greg Howard

"Elegy for Emmett". This is an original piece that Greg composed for Emmett Chapman's memorial. He described the piece as follows:

Harmonically, "Elegy for Emmett" is based on a simple series of major triads, the roots of which form a whole tone scale, with melody notes creating extended harmonies on top of those triads. The approach reminded me of Emmett's in some ways, though he was a much more harmonically sophisticated composer and improviser than I am.

If you want to play it yourself, you can find a pdf lead sheet here