Greg Howard
Chapman Stick Artist
Greg has released 14 titles on his own Espresso record label since 1987, as downloads, on CDs, and originally on cassettes. Greg named his label Espresso because originally he duplicated all his casstettes in real time, each an individually made serving of music for the listener. These releases vary widely in style and ensemble format.

Lift (2000, remixed 2023)

Progressive rock and improv from the Greg Howard Band (Jan Wolfkamp, Jan van Olffen and Hubert Heeringa).
  1. Dissent (remixed 2023)
  2. Cross Country (remixed 2023)
  3. The Offering (remixed 2023)
  4. Still Water (remixed 2023)
  5. Chrysalis (remixed 2023)
  6. The Effect of Marco's First Lekker Bakkie in the Morning (remixed 2023)
  7. Albatross (remixed 2023)
  8. Restless (remixed 2023)
  9. NÝrd (remixed 2023)
  10. Blues for Ayman (remixed 2023)
  11. Experimental Sunrise (remixed 2023)

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Transmigration (1991 cassette, 1996 CD, remastered 2022)

The fourth release from Sticks and Stones (Tim Reynolds and Greg Howard). Improvisations with some overdubs recorded at Greg's home studio in Charlottesville on 8-track analog reel-to-reel.
  1. Transmigration
  2. A Distant Episode
  3. Sleepwalk
  4. Old Nick's Jig
  5. The Crimsom Gorge
  6. Miller's Bounce
  7. The Djinn Awakes
  8. Moonscape
  9. Voo Doo Artifice
  10. The Bone People
  11. Dhama
  12. Without Thinking

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The Holly and the Ivy, Classic Christmas Selections (2017)

Duets wit flutist Angela Kelly.
  1. The Holly and the Ivy (traditional)
  2. The First Noel (traditional)
  3. Winter from the Four Seasons (A. Vivaldi)
  4. Ukrainian Carol (M. Leontovich)
  5. In the Bleak Midwinter (G. Holst)
  6. Joy to the World (traditional)
  7. What Child Is This? (traditional)
  8. O Holy Night (A. Adam)
  9. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (traditional)
  10. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (J.S. Bach)
  11. Angels We Have Heard on High (traditional)
  12. I Saw Three Ships (traditional)
  13. Silent Night (F. Gruber)

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AZUL (2013)

Live studio improvisations with John D'earth (trumpet) and Brian Caputo (drums).
  1. Wave after Wave after...
  2. Night Birds
  3. Boys Make Noise
  4. Seared, the Seer Soared
  5. Wildlands
  6. Tear Jay
  7. Don't Be a Baby (note to self)
    MOBY SUITE (tracks 8, 9, 10)
  8. Queegueg
  9. Whales Versus Ships
  10. Ahab's Release

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Ether Ore (2005)

Greg explores the sonic universe on these live improvised pieces. Everything from spacey soundscapes to high-energy improv grooves. Includes a bonus-minute DVD of Dan Chapman's film of Greg's performance of "Big Bang 4965" at the San Jose Stick concert in 2003.
  1. The First Day 02:09
  2. Ether Ore 11:03
  3. Tim Was Here 01:55
  4. Neptune's Wake 09:27
  5. Snow Falling on Eno 02:58
  6. Freedom of Expansion 25:33
  7. Deep Field Calling 03:08

Stick Figures (1993, remastered 2003)

Solo original compositions.
  1. Morning Song
  2. Charmed Life
  3. Adrift
  4. Ojos Verdes
  5. Big Meadows
  6. Sarah
  7. Pentàstick
  8. Sunday
  9. Dedication (in memory of E. E. Howard, Jr.)
  10. Astro Meets Daisy
  11. Softly She Walks
  12. Blue Ridge (before and after Sunset)

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Water on the Moon (1998)

Greg's one-hour non-stop live improvised "Stick concerto". Greg recorded this in 1998 at Miller's in Charlottesville. This is a truly unique sonic expedition, but with a strong suite-like framework (don't let the word improvisation scare you...)

"Imagine Michael Hedges, Tony Levin, Stanley Jordan, Victor Wooten, Michael Brook, Jon Durant, Pat Metheny and Jeff Beck trading licks...Amazing effort and a hands-down winner."
-John W. Patterson, Progression Magazine.

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Sol (1997)

Latin jazz and flamenco-inspired originals for trio, and full band, plus Erich Ferstl's "Guitarresque".

Greg Howard: Stick, alto sax, bamboo sax, John D'earth: trumpet
Tim Reynolds: acoustic and electric guitars, Robert Jospé: drums
Darrell Rose: African percussion, Kevin Davis: percussion
Jeff Decker: tenor sax, Dawn Thompson: percussion
  1. Carnivàl
  2. El Chicle
  3. Goya's Dream
  4. Guitarresque
  5. The Crossing
  6. Sangre de Cristo
  7. Blues for Ayman
  8. Grillos (solo)

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Brand New Age (1987 live radio performance)

Live broadcase performance by Tim Reynolds and Greg Howard, aka Sticks and Stones, on Public Radio WVTF, and NPR affiliate in Roanoke, Virginia.
  1. Road to the Sky
  2. Miasmata
  3. Brand New Age
  4. Vesuvius

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Sticks and Stones: a collection of spontaneous improvisations (1987 cassette/2001 CD)

Improvised duets with Tim Reynolds, originally released on cassette in 1987, mastered for CD in 2001.
  1. Moments
  2. Birth of a Planet
  3. Water
  4. The Fishes, Part I
  5. The Fishes, Part II
  6. A World of Trees, Part I
  7. End of an Age
  8. Dinosaur
  9. The Ascent of Man
  10. A World of Trees, Part II

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